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CEPAR & CESifo Workshop: Pension Taxation, Population Ageing, and Globalisation

While there is now a substantial analytical and policy literature on pension policy, the taxation of pensions has been relatively little studied. Increasingly, pension taxation is coming under the spotlight, either directly, as tax preferences for pension saving and pension pay-outs are weakened, or indirectly, through reducing pensions by means tests or cuts to pension entitlements. 

Pension taxation must be seen in the context of broader taxation structures. Too often pension taxes have been analysed in isolation from the other tax and transfer instruments prevailing in an economy. A more comprehensive approach brings into play the rationale for alternative policy designs, and their economic impacts. In turn, these broad structures have differential effects, depending on the inter-jurisdictional mobility of capital and labour. At the same time, new ideas are emerging in the literature about capital income taxation, and the idea of age-based taxes, once an intellectual curiosum, is now gaining policy traction.

Two workshops, one in Sydney in 2014 and one in Munich in 2015, have been held on this topic.

The objective of the project and the staging of two interrelated workshops is to explore the issues highlighted above, and their inter-relationship, and to publish the results in a journal/book to inform the economic community about the state of the art and to stimulate further research. 

For the full program and presentations from the November 2014 workshop help in Sydney click here.

Working papers, based on the workshop presentations, can be found in the CEPAR Working Paper Series.