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Individual ageing involves changes in competency that may affect relationships, communication and decision making, including the ability to drive, determine the best retirement plan or sensibly choose a health insurance policy. Population ageing has brought with it government policies designed to reduce public exposure to support for older cohorts, or the risks they face. This inevitably means that ageing cohorts now and in the future will confront decisions that are important, and in which they or their families have little experience. Increasingly these choices will have to be made at advanced ages, when cognitive decline may impact decision making and choice. Our research combines the expertise of economists, sociologists and psychologists to investigate these issues.

Projects Include:

  • Sensory Ageing and Interaction with Cognition
  • Older Drivers, Transport and Policy
  • Cognitive Training for Everyday Life
  • The Impact of Dietary Intake on Maintenance of Cognitive Health
  • The Social and Economic Impact of Cognitive Ageing
  • Gender, Contextual and Biological Influences on Cognitive Decline in Older Adults
  • Effects of Taxes and Safety Net Pensions on Life-Cycle Labour Supply, Savings and Human Campital: The Case of Australia¬†
  • Joint Labour Supply and Retirement of Australian Couples
  • Complex Financial Decisions for Retirement Savings
  • Housing in an Ageing Society: A Simulation Study
  • Macroeconomic Implications of Australian Housing Policies
  • Optimal Consumption and Housing Equity over a Life-Cycle
  • Investment in Health over the Life-Cycle
  • Evaluating Consumers' Choices of Medicare Part D Plans

For more information on individual projects please see the CEPAR Annual Report.