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Laundry list of retirement issues for government to solve
09 July 2017

Speakers at the 25th Annual Colloquium of Superannuation Researchers on Friday were not shy giving Treasury officials a laundry list of the challenges they face in developing products to help consumers ensure they do not outlive their savings.

Their timing was near-perfect, given that Treasury is about to embark on its next round of consultations with industry as it tries to devise a framework for comprehensive retirement products.

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Why we need Bunnings-style work for older Australians
12 June 2017

As outrage builds over a proposal to force Australians to work until 70, experts are urging businesses to follow the example of hardware giant Bunnings and unleash the untapped labour of older workers.

Professor Hal Kendig at the Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research said Australia cannot afford to discount its ageing workforce. He pointed to the example of Bunnings, which has capitalised on large numbers of highly skilled tradespeople who were unable to continue in physically demanding jobs but could offer a lifetime of experience to shoppers.

“The key to this is for wise employers to see that by going against the discrimination they are making a wise investment,” he told The New Daily.

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29 May 2017

Heather Booth, Associate Investigator at CEPAR and Professor of Demography at ANU, is featured in this article by Jill Pengelley for The Advertiser (Adelaide and SA news).  

Ageing experts agree many Australians are ill-prepared for some of the changes that living a long life brings.

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Political divide threatens 'big heart' solution on NDIS
11 May 2017

In the post-Federal Budget analysis of the government's announcement to fully fund the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), CEPAR Chief Investigator Hal Kendig, has been quoted in the following article: "Political divide threatens 'big heart' solution on NDIS" by Amy Remekis, Sydney Morning Herald. 

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Federal Budget Roundtable
10 May 2017

On 11 May, CEPAR Director John Piggott joined other experts from UNSW Business School to analyse the 2017 Federal Budget in a roundtable discussion. The discussion took place in Sydney’s CBD.

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Talking Lifestyle: Second Career: the contribution the older aged workforce can make to the economy post retirement
08 May 2017

Professor John Piggott, Director of CEPAR, told interviewer Matthew Tukaki that if older workers could be engaged in employment longer their net contribution to GDP would be in the tens of billions of dollars.

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Learn @ Lunch with Scientia Professor John Piggott: Population ageing
03 May 2017

Professor John Piggott presented at the UNSW Business School Learn @ Lunch series on the topic of population ageing. 

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Australian Financial Review “GDP boost can come from better informed workers”
29 April 2017

John Piggott, CEPAR Director, comments in the Australian Financial Review: “GDP boost can come from better informed workers”.

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2UE Radio The Daily Drive: Are older Australians worse off than in other countries?
27 April 2017

Rafal Chomik, Senior Research Fellow at CEPAR, chats to Kayley Harris and Nick Bennett on The Daily Drive about whether or not older Australians are worse off than in other countries.

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Research team to study how home equity could pay for the growing cost of aged care in China
21 April 2017

Three CEPAR researchers have been awarded AUD 50,000 (USD 37,500) to conduct a new online survey looking at Chinese preferences for long-term aged care and how it will be paid.

CEPAR’s Partner Investigator Professor Hanming Fang, Senior Research Fellow Dr Katja Hanewald and Research Fellow Dr Shang Wu have been granted funds in the 2017 Quartet Pilot Project Competition at the University of Pennsylvania.


Australia's Centre Of Excellence In Ageing Research A World Leader
13 April 2017

The 2016 Annual Report from the ARC Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research (CEPAR) details CEPAR's activities, outputs and events in the calendar year 2016.

“We have consolidated our position as a globally leading centre in population research,” says CEPAR Director Professor John Piggott. 


Four CEPAR candidates awarded UNSW Scientia PhD Scholarships
16 March 2017

Four candidates have been awarded prestigious UNSW Scientia PhD Scholarships to research under the supervision of UNSW CEPAR researchers.



Australian research experts say APEC economies must build educated workforces to offset ageing populations
17 February 2017

Member economies of the APEC Forum need to do a lot more to promote economic growth to combat population ageing, according to a paper presented at an APEC Workshop in Vietnam.

The report suggests that cooperation in migration policy, education, and technology transfer would allow emerging economies within APEC to increase rates of growth, countering the “headwinds” of population ageing.


Link to the working paper: 


The Australian National University’s (ANU) Heather Booth is the first woman to be appointed Professor of Demography at an Australian university.
31 January 2017

The Australian National University’s (ANU) Heather Booth is the first woman to be appointed Professor of Demography at an Australian university.

Professor Booth, an Associate Investigator for the ARC Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research (CEPAR), is an expert in mortality, longevity and ageing   and will also become the School of Demography’s first female Director of Research.


The Conversation: FactCheck: is Australia on track to have the oldest pension age in the developed world?
06 February 2017

The federal government has recently reaffirmed its commitment to a policy, first proposed in 2014, to boost the pension age to 70 between 2025 and 2035. This measure would affect people born after June 1966, and is yet to be legislated.

Labor’s Jenny Macklin said that increasing the pension age to 70 would mean that Australia will have oldest pension age in the developed world. Is that right?


The Guardian: Debate: is the new means test for the aged pension fair?
3rd January 2017

The government claims that changes to the aged pension make the system fairer by targeting wealthy retirees. But are the changes genuinely progressive?


Golden age: centenarians and the secrets of healthy long life
3rd January 2017

More people are living longer. This article discusses longevity secrets as well as the broader implications of people living to older ages.