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7 December 2015

The work of early career researchers exploring aspects of population ageing featured at the 14th National ERA Conference 7-8 December 2015.

With Australia and the Asia Pacific amongst the fastest ageing areas globally, ageing research is vital to examining key issues which will impact on individuals, families, communities, workplaces, societies and economies.

2 November 2015

Projects by Chief and Associate Investigators at CEPAR have been granted over a million dollars by the Australian Research Council’s Discovery Projects Scheme for 2016.  They include investigations of Chinese and Indonesian ageing populations, the SME sector, which is Australia's largest employer, and why some people fail to plan for retirement using Time Planning (TP) as a conceptual framework.

25 October 2015

IAGG Asia/Oceania recognises Professor Hal Kendig's outstanding contribution to the development of gerontology and service in the region. 

1 October 2015

Australia’s aged pensioners tend to preserve financial wealth and consume conservatively

28 September

A new Asia Pacific-wide Research Hub has been established at the University of New South Wales, providing a regional forum for research collaboration on population ageing. 

July 2015

CEPAR analyses how Australian demographic projections have changed over time and the extent to which they have conformed to real world outcomes.

June 2015

In a new study by CEPAR researchers,  participants reported high awareness of the benefits of key behaviours that can preserve and improve cognitive functioning as they age, although their actual intention to take up these activities is low. 

April 2015

Universally regarded as Australia's leading authority on demography,  Peter McDonald, CEPAR's Deputy Director and
Professor of Demography at ANU's Crawford School of Public Policy, is the recipient of the 2015 Irene B. Taeuber Award.

This is a biennial acknowledgement of contributions to population studies by the Population Association
America and the Office of Population Research, Princeton University.

7 April 2015

Interpreting the Intergenerational Report

How do we plan for Australia in 2055? 

A Public Forum presented by CEPAR to improve public understanding of, and promote community discussion about, the impact of population ageing on

  • economic growth
  • workforce participation
  • public financing to 2055


April 2015

The CEPAR 2014 Annual Report contains a complete record of all the work undertaken by CEPAR affiliated researchers in 2014.