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Causes and Consequences of Demographic Change

Strand Leader: Alan Woodland, Strand Coordinator: George Kudrna


This research will aid long-term planning and innovation by both government and business by improving population forecasts, including fertility and mortality, and assessing the overall social and economic impact of demographic change.


Cognition and Decision Making

Strand Leader: Kaarin Anstey, Strand Coordinator: Diane Hosking


Ageing involves changes in competancy that may affect relationships, communication and decision making, including the ability to drive, determine the best retirement plan or health insurance policy. Our research combines the expertise of economists, sociologists and psychologists to investigate these issues.


Resources in Retirement 

Strand Leader: Michael Sherris, Strand Coordinator: Jennifer Alonso-Garcia

  Sharing the burden of retirement provision, health insurance and aged care between the public and private sectors will become increasingly important as the population ages. Our research explores how policy can be designed to better encourage coordination between business and government to develop innovative age-related products and services.

Ageing Well and Productively 

Strand Leader: Hal Kendig, Strand Coordinator: Vasoontara Yiengprugsawan


A whole of life approach to ageing naturally suggests that healthier lifestyles will lead to more productive ageing, whether in the formal labour market or in the family context. The core research question here is how public education and policy initiatives can encourage behaviour change to support ageing well and productively.


Health and Aged Care 

Strand Leader: Bob Cumming, Strand Coordinator: Ben Hsu

  An ageing demographic will have dramatic implications for health and aged care budgets. We explore new strategies to contain costs while delivering service. Aged care policy has recently received major attention in Australia, requiring new evidence on how work and care interact in a home care environment, and how residential care is to be funded.

Ageing in Asia and its Impact on Australia 

Strand Leader: Peter McDonald, Strand Coordinator: Meimanat Hosseini-Chavoshi

  Asia is the world's most rapidly ageing region, with a range of demographic stages represented. Our research analyses these population dynamics and their interactions, and draws out policy implications both for the countries involved and for Australia.