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The Australian Research Council (ARC) Centre of Excellence in Population Ageing Research (CEPAR) offers exceptional opportunities for outstanding applicants with expertise in actuarial studies, demography, economics, epidemiology, psychology or sociology to join a multi-disciplinary research team committed to building knowledge for an ageing world and establishing Australia as a world leader in the field.
CEPAR will provide unrivalled opportunities for young researchers interested in population ageing research. Committed to building a critical mass of emerging researchers in this important field, CEPAR will support and nurture a new generation of young researchers by providing:

  • Supervision and mentoring by internationally recognised experts in their field
  • Training which will provide both breadth and depth, ensuring their information base covers a range of disciplines important for a comprehensive understanding of demographic transition
  • Connections with some of the world's leading centres in the field
  • Funding for travel to build international networks 
Red-Cepar-Dot Scientia PhD Scholarships

Applications are now open for the UNSW Scientia PhD Scholarship Scheme. These scholarships offer:

  • The opportunity to work on high quality research projects with the best supervisory teams in world class environments
  • $40K a year stipend for four years
  • Tuition fees for the full 4 year period
  • Coaching and mentoring as part of your highly personalised leadership development plan
  • Up to $10k each year to build your career and support your international research collaborations

Expressions of interest are sought  for the following CEPAR Scientia Scholarship projects:

Longevity Risk: Retirement Product Innovation and Risk Management Strategies

Supervisory Team:
Michael Sherris, Chief Investigator at CEPAR, UNSW Bus. School (Risk/Actuarial Studies)
Andreas Villegas, Assoc. Investigator at CEPAR, UNSW Bus. School (Risk/Actuarial Studies)
Jonathan Ziveyi, Assoc. Investigator at CEPAR, UNSW Bus. School (Risk/Actuarial Studies)

Guiding Financial Decision-Making for Retirement: a Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Supervisory Team:
Hazel Bateman, Chief Investigator at CEPAR, UNSW Business School (Risk/Actuarial Studies)
Elena Capatina, Research Fellow at CEPAR, UNSW Business School

Housing Decisions over the Life Cycle; Investment, Consumption, Insurance

Supervisory Team:
Michael Keane, Chief Investigator at CEPAR, UNSW Business School (Economics)
John Piggott, Chief Investigator at CEPAR, UNSW Business School (Economics)
Loretti Isabella Dobrescu, Associate Investigator at CEPAR, UNSW Business School (Economics)

Key Dates in 2017

26 May: Application process opens for Scholarships commencing in 2018

21 July: Deadline for completion of Steps 1 to 3:

Step 1
: Applicants identify a UNSW Scientia Scholarship Scheme project and supervisory team that they would like to be involved with

Step 2: Applicants complete the
self-assessment form which will provide the academic with key data on applicant’s background. Click here to download the editable version. Click here to download the non-editable version.

Step 3: Applicants submit an
expression of interest to the supervisory team via the Apply Now online form, located on the same page that outlines the respective research area and supervisory team (links to these three research area web pages are included above). 

28 July: Deadline for supervisors to nominate names and email addresses of a maximum of 2 applicants.

04 August: Scientia team to contact nominated applicants and invite them to submit a full application via 'UNSW Apply Online' admission system. This application and should be done in consultation with the supervisory team.

01 September: Closing date for nominated applicants to submit full application

03 November: SHARPest Committee Meeting to select successful applicants for 2018

06 November: Offers to be made to successful applicants

Prospective applicants should carefully read the following documents which outline the application process and answer key questions.

UNSW Scientia PhD Scholarship Scheme Guidelines
Frequently Asked Questions
Eligibility Criteria (Honours equivalent sheet)

Red-Cepar-Dot Summer Research Scholarships

CEPAR and the UNSW Business School offers highly competitive summer research scholarships to currently enrolled undergraduate students who are considering Honours and/or postgraduate research in the future.  Students will participate in research projects supervised by our world-class academic researchers and gain valuable research experience.

For the 2016/17 summer each scholarship is valued at $550 per week (tax exempt) for the duration of the project (6-8 weeks).

Applications for the summer 2017/1 program will open in the second half of 2017.

Red-Cepar-Dot CEPAR PhD Enrolment                                         

Opportunities exist for suitably qualified local and international students with expertise in the discipline areas listed above to undertake a PhD enrolment in an academic unit at UNSW, the Australian National University (ANU), the University of Sydney, the University of Melbourne or other Australian university at which a CEPAR Investigator is based.
Please contact cepar@unsw.edu.au to express interest in PhD enrolment.

Red-Cepar-Dot CEPAR PhD Scholarship                                         

CEPAR Supplementary Scholarships provide additional support to eligible international and domestic higher degree research students who are in receipt of an Australian Postgraduate Award (APA), International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (IPRS), National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) or university equivalent scholarship to assist them with pursuing a program of study related to CEPAR.

Guidelines and applications forms for the 2018 round will be available on this site in August 2017.

Red-Cepar-Dot Honours enrolment                                            

Opportunities exist for suitably qualified local and international students to undertake a 4th year honours program in a population ageing related topic in selected disciplines.

Please contact cepar@unsw.edu.au to express interest in Honours enrolment.

Red-Cepar-Dot CEPAR Honours Scholarships 

Honours scholarships valued at $5000 are available to students wishing to enrol in a fourth year of undergraduate study to expand their knowledge in a particular area of study and to develop their research skills.

UNSW applicants should apply via the UNSW Scholarships website